Io confesso

Una lettera ricevuta ieri pomeriggio alla centrale operativa della Kelley Technologies, prima degli eventi accaduti ieri sera e di cui queste pagine cercheranno presto di dare conto.


My name is WinthorpeFoghorn Zinnemann and I have been a Bane Operator at Kelley Tech for more than 1 and 1/2 years.

Among the others, I have been the Operator for Gloria Oppewall and Malbert Greenfield, respectively bane G-7328 and bane M-4876.

I confess to having arbitrarily extended their sentence, more than once, beyond the judgement of their Custodian. I am not sure how many hours I added but I definitely extended their time by at least 48 hours. Although I had my reasons, I will not try and talk my way out of my responsabilities. I did abuse the trust of Kelley Tech and I did betray the cause of justice.

OOC: although I did RP all extensions, I realized today I have exaggerated. For this reason, and in the effort to make up for this, I told the banes I will release them RPing it in the lab. This will, at least, give them an experience very few Kelley Tech banes have had so far, since most of the time the timer runs out while the Op is offline.

This letter is to certify neither of those banes have cheated out, and should thus be eligible for the regular refund even if their Custodians will appear to be red. Tonight I will unlock their Custodians personally and give them a copy of this message to you.

I am ready to face the consequences of my actions, no matter what they are.

For all it’s worth, I apologize for my behaviour,

WinthorpeFoghorn Zinnemann

Qui di seguito, la risposta della dottoressa Kelley:

[9:39] Marine Kelley: Thank you for telling me about this, I will keep the names in mind so the normal procedure applies when they are released. But as for you… you know the rules. Abusing Operators should be reminded the extent of their actions, by sharing the fates of the victim of the abuse, by taking a 24 hours Banishment sentence. There is no appeal for that, and another Operator will take care of this soon enough. Only that way will you be redeemed.